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Suncore acquired ZenithSolar Ltd
Huainan, China, October  9, 2013 - Suncore Photovoltaic Technology Company Ltd. a world leader in the development and manufacture of concentrating photovoltaic(CPV) systems and products, today acquired Israel-based ZenithSolar Ltd., including intellectual property, inventory, and equipment, through its US subsidiary Suncore Photovoltaics Inc. (SPI). Over the past 6 years, ZenithSolar has developed an innovative combined heat and power (CHP) product based on CPV technology, and demonstrated more than 70% combined solar energy conversion efficiency. The system provides electrical output from a photovoltaic array and concurrently generates hot water at a temperature suitable for domestic and industrial applications. Suncore plans to set up a production line and start mass production of the CHP product in its Huainan, China facility in 2014.  

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